Who Are You? (Ouch)…

Something reaaaaaally weird happened today… 

As you know (or not), I’ve got an application form here for people who…

– believe in education
– want to help children
– want to start an online education business

This is how it looks like if you visit my page:

Apparently someone filled up our form (for fun) and this is what I got…

Since I receive hundreds of applicants every year, this doesn’t bother me (much).

However, there is a VERY VALUABLE LESSON in this experience.

One of the answers was “Who Are You?”
PS. (It did hurt a little bit at first for a minute)… 

But… This is a very good question and I learnt something. 

Here’s the lesson.
In today’s digital world, it is important to stand out from the rest. 

To build a brand and to make yourself known.  This answer means that I’ve not really made myself known (yet). It is a constant work in progress and it is something that you do need to do as well.

So perhaps this is a chance to answer “Who Is Sean Looi?”…

Since 20, I’ve been in…

– Civil Engineering
– Ecommerce
– Property
– Insurance
– Web Designer
– Digital Marketer 
– Grabcar Driver 
– Online Education. 

If you’d like to know what happened and why did I go through so many careers, you can watch a video I made 

PS. It’s one of the first youtube videos I made so the quality is aaaaaalright. 

Engineer to Online Education Network Marketer (What Really Happened)

So anyways, in every event, there is a learning. I hope you found this helpful and if it did, comment and let me know. 

Also I’d like to extend the invitation to you, if you’d like to help children all across Malaysia to study better…

At the same time want to start an online education business together with me, I’ll be very happy to receive your application here.

Have a great week ahead!