My Biggest Regret During MCO (Lost A Lot Of Money)

In this video I wanna share with you my biggest regret since MCO started in March 2020. 

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Before that just to give you a quick background. We started our online education business back in April 2018 and we were doing very well, we were helping parents provide a better education for their kids at very low cost. 

Within our 1st year we’ve become our company’s 6-figure income earners and we’ve also helped hundreds of children all over Malaysia to study better at school and learn from home. 

At the same time we have grown our team to more than 300+ online distributors all over Malaysia to give them an income opportunity to support themselves and their families too.

Triple win. 

Fast forward to to 2020, BOOM and we have the Covid 19 pandemic and we got lockdown happening all over Malaysia and guess what happened… 

Our business 10X’d!

We were generating 10 times more than what we usually do with just 1X the effort. We helped hundreds of children all over Malaysia in their education and helped parents save money on tuition and exercise books in the process.

Life was good, we were at the right place at the right time!

Then as RMCO happened, people were trying to get back to ‘normal’ (and failing miserably because trends have changed). Our business revenue started to drop a little and then I realized one thing… 

My biggest regret and learning was… I should have gone all out. 

At some point I wished for another lockdown (not because of people kena Covid-19 or getting sick), but because that was when the business boomed. 

So last night as I was driving Krystle and the kids to dinner, I got a notification and I saw the magic words: “CMCO”… 

This is the second chance and for sure we will not make the same mistake of again. This time we are going to go all out, not just for ourselves, but for the entire team as well. 

We did it once, and we are going to do it again. 

So the invitation to you is this, if you’re tired of trying to figure out what to do with what’s happening right now… here’s the solution. 

You can look into starting your online education business and support children all over Malaysia to improve their education.

Newsflash, currently there are 4,700,000 registered students in Malaysia (we’re not able to reach out to all of them on our own). 

If you want to start a home business that can support Malaysian children in their education, you can apply to join us here: 

I hope this helped you and if it did let me know. Peace and stay safe!


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    My son is on the cusp of tweenhood and already I have started ruining his day with some of these things LOL. This was a very funny post. Deerdre Durand Bianca

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    Everything is very open with a precise description of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your site is very useful. Thanks for sharing. Ailyn Collin Gibrian

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