Entrepreneurs, Accept That You Cannot Save Everyone.

Sean here and throughout my career as an education consultant, we’ve supported thousands of children all across Malaysia to study efficiently with 20-30 minutes a day. 

At the same time we also provide an opportunity for Malaysians to start their online education business via our training and support platforms. 

Ever since I started back in April 2018, I’ve been in contact with hundreds (if not thousands) who have applied to join our team. Their motivations can be to:

  • Get more income 
  • Support their families
  • Pay off their loans
  • Have more time
  • And so on… 

I’ve been blessed to have many come on board and be successful in their online education business with us. As of right now we are supporting a team of more than 300 online education distributors all across Malaysia to earn the income that they want to support themselves and their families. 

Fact About Me: I Hate Working… Here’s why

I’ve been working as Civil Engineer since 2010 and I realize very early that working as an employee is not worth my time. I work from morning to night everyday just to get a fixed amount. It was only when I started a side business that I realize I could earn 10X more with only 2-3 hours extra per day. 

If you want to know my full journey I’ve got this video right here on how I went from a civil engineer to where I am today

If you know me, I’m not a fan of working as an employee (I hate giving me 100% and only getting the 1% back), which is why I’m all out on my online education business, at the same time I give my 100% to those who want to stand on their own two feet to become an entrepreneur as well. 

However, there are people who turn down our support and our help. (It does make me sad whenever that happens). Maybe you’re in the same position as I am where you are in the business of helping others, and you personally have experienced. 

I put together this video to encourage you that you are doing the right thing and to remind you to keep moving forward. 

Lesson: Never allow those who hold themselves back to hold you back.

Give your 100% to those who have chosen to be with you, like how we support our team wholeheartedly when they start their online education business with us. 

If you feel like this has helped you, share this with someone who wants to be encouraged as well. Keep giving and serving, all the best and stay safe. 

If you want to start a home business that can support Malaysian children in their education, you can apply to join us here: http://www.joinkrystlesean.com